We’re serious about security

We've embedded security and resilience into Rise and throughout our operations. Our expert team uses the latest technology to make sure our infrastructure is reliable, and your data is protected. Don’t just take our word for it:

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Data protection

Rise is built upon enterprise-grade services to guard against external threats to data. The application is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the industry-leading provider that sets the bar for security best practices. Our in-house security engineering team uses best-in-class tools to scan vulnerability, detect malicious activity, and block suspicious behavior automatically.

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Rise uses the most advanced encryption technology publicly available to secure data. Using PKCS (Public Key Cryptography Standard) #1 SHA-256 with 2048-bit RSA encryption, Rise encrypts data at rest as well as all network traffic into and out of AWS. In addition, the cryptographic key management process in Rise includes key rotation.


Secure authentication

Authentication in Rise is built on our internal identity provider that follows industry-leading standards and uses strong default settings. Rise also supports Google authentication and single sign-on (SSO) powered by SAML 2.0, built on Okta.


Disaster recovery and business continuity

Rise replicates data across five separate, physically independent, and highly secure AWS locations, ensuring high availability, data integrity, and protection from local failures such as power outages. We save a full backup copy of production data multiple times per day to a remote location to ensure rapid recovery in the event of a large-scale disaster. We annually test the process of recovering data from the backup location.


Compliance and certifications

Rise’s privacy-by-design mandate ensures that only necessary data is collected, and makes it easy to see and manage your data. Rise partners with carefully selected industry leaders with first-rate security practices.


We built Rise with partners who take security as seriously as we do. Learn about their security practices:


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