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Customize your training style with Rise themes

Customize the look and feel of your content with gorgeous course themes in various styles—all created by award-winning designers.

Gorgeous themes

Explore our classic Rise theme and our two new themes: elegant Horizon and contemporary Apex.

Cover page layouts

Make a strong first impression with a variety of stunning cover page layouts.

Navigation types

Deliver the right navigation type for learners to track course progress, every time.

Font pairings

Get your point across clearly with striking font pairings that appeal to learners.


Modulate the look of lesson headers to fit any course flow.

Button Styles

Modify interactions with multiple button styles.

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Content Release Overview

Check out this overview video for a quick look at all the new features from this release.

More prebuilt training content

Get new prebuilt lessons, courses, and templates focused on sales, onboarding, business ethics, workplace safety, and more. We’ve also added 25 Next Big Idea Club courses you can easily customize to offer your learners video-based training on life-changing concepts from bestselling authors.

20+ new courses from bestselling authors

Help your learners live better and work smarter with 25 new prebuilt courses and 264 lessons based on books by bestselling authors like Wendy Wood and David Epstein. Offered in partnership with the Next Big Idea Club, these ready-to-use courses can be published as is or customized with your own content.

150+ new business lessons

Empower your learners to level up their skills with new prebuilt, video-rich lessons. You can combine lessons into a course, mix lessons with your own content, and edit lesson content any way you want. Categories include business ethics, career management, customer service, problem-solving, sales, and time management.

100+ new business courses

Build out your training library quickly with 111 ready to go courses covering a wide range of common business topics, including leadership, sales, marketing, health and wellness, personal development, professional skills, communication, project management, and team management. While courses are ready to go, you can easily customize and edit them to meet your training goals.

New templates

Get started on your courses quickly with new marketing, safety, and wellness templates. Each beautifully designed interactive template includes relevant lessons and sections to give you a head start on the topic.

More personalized experiences

Now it’s easy to integrate Rise with popular apps like Slack and Zapier to build custom experiences for your learners. And with the ability to create multiple libraries, a branded welcome email, and learning paths with content you create outside of Rise, you can provide tailored experiences for every learner. Course creators will also love digging into question-level reporting to find out how learners answered individual questions on quizzes.

Question-level reporting

Dig deeper into how learners perform on quizzes with question-level reporting. Explore in-depth reports on each question and each learner, so you can understand where learners are struggling with the material.

Multiple libraries

Create multiple libraries to give certain learners access to a specific collection of content. Multiple libraries are perfect when you have various constituents who need different content or for sharing content with people external to your organization, such as customers, partners, or franchisees.

Slack integration

Integrate Rise with Slack to alert folks in Slack about new, upcoming, and overdue Rise training or about training that’s ready to be published.

Branded welcome email

Create an integrated, custom experience for your learners by adding your organization’s branding to the Rise welcome email.

Include third-party content in learning paths

Import training you create with third-party apps to learning paths in Rise. Now, your guided learning experiences can include all the training you’ve built both in and outside of Rise.

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