Why you’ll love Rise

Every feature in Rise makes training easy to create, enjoyable to take, and simple to manage

Easy to create

Enjoyable to take

Simple to manage

Easy to create

Enjoyable to take

Simple to manage

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Anyone can create courses, guides, and other training content in Rise

Make it super easy for employees to share what they know and for managers to educate their teams.

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  • Web-based course creation

    Easily create Rise content in a web browser. There’s no app to download, no learning curve. Give everyone the power to share what they know in Rise.

  • Custom lessons

    Create unique lessons with modular media, text, and interactive blocks. Customize each block with your content and stack in any order you want.

  • Business content

    Add carefully researched content lessons to your courses. Rise has an extensive collection of modular, fully customizable lessons on business topics relevant to every employee. Easily mix them with your own content to develop custom courses faster.

  • Image library

    Easily add beautiful images to your training content. Rise includes a library of more than 4 million photos and illustrations.

  • Samples and templates

    Build engaging, interactive lessons quickly using gorgeous customizable sample courses and templates. Simply add your text and media, and Rise does the rest.

Rise courses are engaging and beautiful on every device, so they’re enjoyable for learners

Imagine your team taking training they actually like. Rise makes the learning experience so refreshingly good, they’ll want more.

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  • Modern, beautiful design

    Created by award-winning designers, Rise lessons are beautiful to behold and intuitive to navigate.

  • Interactive and media-rich

    Interactive activities, multimedia, and quizzes keep learners interested and engaged.

  • Perfect on every device

    Rise adapts to all devices, automatically. With Rise, mobile learning feels effortless.

Training is simple to distribute, track, and analyze in Rise

Get everything you need to manage your online training in one easy, intuitive system.

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  • Browsable library

    Publish training content to your library and organize it into categories for easy discovery.

  • Learning paths

    Group training content into guided learning paths that make it easy for people to learn new skills or gain new knowledge on a particular subject or theme.

  • Assign courses

    Add people, organize them into groups, and enroll them in courses and learning paths in just minutes. You can even set due dates for courses and learning paths.

  • Analytics

    Understand how learners are using Rise. View activity by time frame, courses, people, or groups to find out who’s viewing which content. Drill into a particular learner to see what training they’ve accessed, the time they’ve spent learning, the lessons they’ve completed, and their quiz scores. And get a clear view of how courses and learning paths are performing by viewing course enrollees, their progress, and their due dates.

  • Shareable reporting

    Export activity, people, and course reports to CSV for easy sharing.

  • Import third-party training

    Manage, distribute, and track all of your online training in one system. Create training right in Rise and import additional SCORM content.

Rise is a secure, enterprise-class training system

We take security and privacy as seriously as you do.

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  • Cloud-based

    There’s no software to download and manage. No systems to patch, upgrade, or maintain.

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

    Boost security and simplify administration by giving your team access to Rise using SAML 2.0.

  • Data encryption

    Rise uses the most advanced encryption technology publicly available to secure data. Using 256‑bit TLS/SSL encryption and 2048‑bit RSA public keys, Rise encrypts all data in transit and at rest.

  • High availability

    Rise replicates data across five separate, physically independent, and highly secure AWS locations. This architecture ensures high availability, data integrity, and protection from local failures, such as power outages.

  • GDPR compliance

    Rise is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Rise collects only the data that’s necessary and makes it easy to see and manage your data.

Rise is the online training system your employees will love